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For the many children who don’t enjoy math, having to do some extra math practice at home seems like a cruel joke. However, math can actually be fun, even if some students don’t think so. There are many ways to sneakily get them to practice math while they’re enjoying themselves. Here are four...
Schools promote exercise as a means to maintain a healthy body. Children who perform physical activities regularly are more energized, have better defenses, and have less risk of a cardiovascular disease. Exercising not only helps your body, it can also help your brain. A healthy and active brain...
Many students struggle when they have to take notes. What if what you wrote is not enough or what if what you wrote down is not even important? What if when you get home you can’t decipher what’s in your notebook? There are many what ifs to taking notes, which is why The Tutoring Center,...
Should you be putting your headphones down next time you’re studying or can they actually be beneficial for you? There are many studies about the effects of music on school work. Some say it’s bad for your concentration and that you should avoid it while others say it’s actually a good idea to...
Many students, especially in higher levels, tend to be enormous procrastinators. They leave assignments that could be done quickly with a little bit of planning to the night before they are due. The results are often not what they desire. Procrastination is not something they plan, it just...
Every story is a lesson; the same goes for fairy tales. They are more than bedtime tales or entertainment for your children. Fairy tales do a great job in helping children’s creativity and imagination grow. They also offer learning opportunities and life lessons. In this post The Tutoring Center,...

Help Your Child to Beat the 'Back to School Blues'

The summer vacation period is almost at an end. This can be a very stressful time for both parents and children. This increase in stress can sometimes lead to the ‘back to school blues’ when families feel down in the dumps leading up to the start...

Tips to Build Your Child's Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is one of the most important characteristics a person can have. It is like a suit of armor that protects against the perturbations that modern life can bring. Self-esteem means knowing who you are, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and...

How To Help Your Child Prepare For Their Math Exam

Summer is here, and all students are looking forward to their summer vacations. There is one big hurdle before we get them, though – exams! End of year exams can be very stressful for our children. They have so many subjects to study that they...


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