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When it comes to reaching academic goals, having good study strategies is vital. If you are tired of using the same strategies over and over again, it's time to find new ones. There are simple strategies you can try that can enhance your earning experience. If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn new study strategies read this article that The Tutoring Center, Roseville, CA, has for you today.

Try Dual Coding

Dual coding refers to using pictures or drawings accompanied by words. Some examples of dual coding are comic strips, mind maps, doodles, and more. Even if you don't identify as a visual learner, this method can work for you. By using pictures accompanied by text, you will have more references to remember new information by. Also, this is a strategy that allows you to let your creativity out.

Keep Exploring

Looking for new strategies and learning methods can be, by itself, a strategy. When it comes to learning, exploring and being curious is vital. Take some time to find new methods that work for you as well as methods that get you out of your comfort zone. Trying new strategies will allow you to learn more about yourself and your learning style.

Take Notes by Hand

If you are used to using your computer to study, switching your strategy to writing notes by hand can seem unnecessary. However, studies have found that students retain information for longer when taking notes by hand. Taking notes by hand allows you to paraphrase information using your own words, allowing your brain to process new information efficiently.

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