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Work on Grammar by Reading

Reading is one of the most straightforward ways to help children improve their writing skills. Often, just seeing well-structured writing can help them develop their writing better, more structured way. Try starting with 20 minutes of daily reading, with books at their reading level to help them improve their skills. If your child needs encouragement to read, try modeling reading by setting a family reading hour or reading with them.

Use Writing Worksheets

Using writing worksheets to improve writing skills can be widely beneficial as well. Writing worksheets can help them practice their handwriting skills, storytelling, and grammar, all while presented as a fun activity they can enjoy. There are many free writing worksheets online to work on different writing skills, from tracing letters to writing stories, and there are worksheets available for every grade and many skill levels.

Encourage Writing With Story Prompts

Lastly, a great way to work on writing skills such as storytelling and imagination is to give out story prompts. We’ve all been there, a blank page isn’t your friend when trying to write, but prompts can stir up our creativity and help us come up with stories and ideas to write about. Try using story prompts that bring up topics that your child likes for better engagement.

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