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The learning loss experienced by students over their summer break is also known as the summer slide. You can help stop the summer slide by using reading as a summer learning tool. The summer slide is recognized by researchers and educators alike. Students tend to lose a lot of their learning when their brains are not engaged in educational activities over their summer vacation. If only they knew that they could retain all their knowledge with something as simple as reading more books! Well, now you know. Here are some ways how you can prevent your child from falling victim to the summer slide.

Read Everything

Have your child read something every day. Twenty minutes should be enough for independent readers, less time for children who need help. Don’t just limit them to reading books and fairy tales, offer them some sections of the newspaper, poetry, biographies, even cooking recipes. Almost anything they read can be helpful.

Visit Your Local Library

Many libraries offer free summer reading programs, and some of them offer incentives and rewards for the number of books read over the summer. Reading should be accessible to every student. Take your child to your local library to learn about their programs. Some libraries even offer math or coding courses. Ask the librarian for recommendations according to your child’s reading abilities and interests.

Join the Scholastic Summer Challenge

Scholastic offers plenty of book options that might interest your child according to their age and reading level. All they need to do is sign up for the Scholastic Summer Challenge and begin tracking the minutes they read over the summer. The more minutes they read, the more points they get which they can trade in for rewards.

Stop the Summer Slide with Tutoring in Roseville

Another way to prevent holiday learning loss is by signing up for tutoring in Roseville. The Tutoring Center, Roseville CA offers many summer tutoring programs, including one focused on reading. Keep your child learning this summer by calling The Tutoring Center, Roseville CA at 916-771-4100 and ask about their summer tutoring options.


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