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Our five senses help us as humans to receive information from the world around us and help us understand it better, but what happens when one of those senses is deteriorating? Eyesight is one of those senses that can decline for many reasons; luckily, tools like corrective glasses can help to improve daily vision. Here are four signs to look for if If you’re worried your child might be having trouble with their eyesight:


One of the first signs that your child might need glasses is if you find them squinting constantly. Squinting comes from blurry vision and can help people with poor vision focus better but can be tiring and ineffective in the long run.

Behavioral Changes

Having behavioral changes is also a common symptom of having eyesight problems. These behavioral changes could include putting reading material too far away from their face or sitting too close to the TV.


If your child mentions they have a headache, it could also be because of an eyesight problem. Often, a reason why a child could be experiencing headaches and migraines could be because they’re having trouble focusing their eyes.

Eye Sensitivity

Lastly, another sign that your child might be having trouble with their vision is if they complain about their eyes watering, constantly rub their eyes, or feel their eyes itchy or tired. All of these symptoms could be caused by an eye ailment. If you notice any of these signs, the best course of action is to schedule a visit to the ophthalmologist for a professional assessment and diagnosis.

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