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Your child's backpack can have a big influence in their academic performance and even in their health. To help your child organize their backpack effectively, put the following tips to good use.

How to Help Your Child Organize Their Backpack

  1. The first step is finding an appropriate backpack for your child. This means it should be ergonomic, have two padded shoulder straps, have enough room for their school supplies, and have different compartments so they can be organized.
  2. Your child will also need an organization system that they can follow to keep their things in order. For instance, they can arrange their books and notebooks from smallest to largest in their backpack. Just remember to put the heaviest things close to the back, so they don't lose balance or strain their back.
  3. Having a very heavy backpack can be bad for your child's health. That's why you should help them pack their bag each night, so they can fill it with only the things they'll need for the next day.
  4. You can also provide your child with a pencil case where they can keep all of the smaller items that would otherwise be lost in the bottom of their backpack.
  5. Finally, encourage your child to clean their backpack thoroughly every couple of weeks. Doing so will help them throw away any trash that may be in there, as well as reorganize all of their belongings.

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