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Adults have it easy when it comes to working to improve their concentration, children, however, need extra help.  Here are some easy ways in which you can work on improving your child’s ability to focus. Children have curious and overly-active minds. It’s no wonder that they find it hard to concentrate on a single task for more than a few moments. That inability to concentrate can interrupt their homework time, study sessions, and any other task that requires focus. Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can help improve your children’s memory and concentration. Try a few of these tricks out.

5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Concentration

  • Divide big tasks into small ones: It’s easier to get things done one at a time, working towards a big goal. Be it homework or chores, dividing a big project into smaller ones makes it easier for your children to focus on what they’re doing and notice the progress they’ve been making.
  • Let them play: Some games can be used to enhance concentration. Have your children play UNO, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, and sequencing games.
  • Beat the clock: Make completing a task a game by setting up a timer. The goal is for your children to complete the task before the timer rings. They will need to focus to be faster than the clock.
  • Minimize distractions: You can’t expect your children to concentrate in a room where there's a lot of noise and a TV. Instead, play soft instrumental music and turn off all distracting electronics.
  • Healthy diet: Constantly eating sugary and junk food makes children feel distracted and sluggish. If they’re hungry for a snack, give them almonds, fruit, or veggies.

Tutoring in Roseville

Children often find it hard to focus if they don’t understand what they’re working on in class. If your kids are having trouble concentrating in school, tutoring in Roseville might be the answer. Call The Tutoring Center, Roseville CA at 916-771-4100 to find out about their tutoring programs and how they can help boost your child’s grades and improve their study habits.


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