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Help Your Child Read

A student who struggles to read can encounter more struggles during their academic path and can encounter limited opportunities as a result. If you would like to improve your child’s grades, The Tutoring Center, Roseville has some tips which can help.

Take Advantage of Your Junk Mail

You need only look at the large pile of notices and promotional flyers in your home to realize that email wasn’t the end to physical junk mail we all thought it would be. However, instead of discarding these items, use them as a teaching platform. As you unwind or prepare dinner, ask your children to read aloud the day’s mail. This could range from a flyer about a supermarket sale to a notice from your council about upcoming works. While reading this material wouldn’t traditionally be considered educational, it provides children with a range of writing styles, word choices, and uses which they can learn and benefit from.

Kitchen Classroom

The next time that you are preparing a meal, instead of your children playing video games, have them join and help you. As you use pre-prepared ingredients, such as canned goods, ask your children to read you the labels, including the list of ingredients. While these words aren't going to be used by your child during their everyday life, the lesson isn’t about the words, but the letter-sound combinations. When your child is on their own, they will have to sound out new words they encounter. As great as this technique is, it’s only as powerful as your child’s exposure to letter-sound combinations. Correcting your child when they read these labels and new combinations help to improve their ability to learn new words when you are not there.

Tutoring in Roseville Works

One-to-one tutoring in Roseville can help a student improve their reading level and overcome learning challenges in class. To find out more about the benefits of tutoring in Roseville, speak with The Tutoring Center, Roseville at 916-771-4100 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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