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Here at The Tutoring Center we care about your whole child. We want to see him or her do well in school and academic pursuits, so we think it’s important to remember that by fostering the creativity of your child, you are also helping him or her to achieve more in school. Creativity is certainly an outlet for your child, but remember that it also helps to increase brain activity and self esteem. These are just two excellent reasons of many to help our children become more creative. Today, we would like to share six tips to help foster the creativity of your child. 

A great time to begin implementing these pursuits is over winter break. You can add some of these projects to the list we’ve already created for winter break activities

In the midst of your child’s schedule, packed with homework, extracurricular activities and sports, remember that an important way to help foster creativity is by allowing free time. In this time, make sure that your child has creative options to pursue. 

A way that you can make these pursuits easier is by being sure to provide a space to create. Your child should know he or she can go here and find the items needed for creativity. He or she may need to get your permission before painting a masterpiece or taking out all of the glitter, but have the space available for the purpose. 

Be sure to discuss creativity with your child and expose him or her to new means of creating. If your child loves to color that is great, but you could also take the time to explore painting or music, for example. 

Remember that while your child is creating something, you should attempt to take a back seat unless otherwise asked. Avoid managing their creativity. Allow him or her to explore their options and create things entirely on their own. 

Expose your child to creativity in your city. In order to open your child’s mind to different creative pursuits, and spend some much needed quality time with them, you may want to consider taking your child to museums, cultural events, and even concerts. Your child will learn about creativity, spend time with you, and discover new ways to have fun as well. 

Remember your own creativity. As you know, your child will watch you and do as you do. If you’re taking time to explore creative pursuits, your child will see their importance and want to participate as well. Of course, you can work on craft projects with your child too. 

While you’re helping your child to become more creatively productive, you may discover that he or she prefers it to academics. You may then consider using these activities as a reward for a job well done in school. You may also want to consider hiring a tutor to help your child through the difficult areas. For tutoring in Roseville, be sure to contact The Tutoring Center at 916-771-4100.


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