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How Technology Can Improve Your Child's Grades

When parents think about their child using technology the most immediate thoughts are status updates and photo sharing. And while it’s true that these can have very little positive impact on a child’s education and grades, their phones and laptops can provide other and more impactful uses. If you are constantly seeing your child looking at their phone, The Tutoring Center, Roseville has a few ways they can use this time to their educational benefit.

Personalized Lessons

For many students, the use of their phones isn’t because they need to feel connected to it, it is often that they simply find it a more intuitive way to learn. While there isn’t much that they can learn, educationally, from social media applications, digital flashcards can be a great way to reinforce their school lessons. If your child is having difficulty in a particular element of their math class, load up their phones with a great flashcard app where you can personalize each card to correspond with their struggle areas. One of the great benefits to these apps is that they are able to provide reports to both student and parent on which areas they are finding difficult and which areas don’t need as much attention as your child is giving it.


The power of reading can not be understated. From providing a boost to their vocabulary to challenging their imagination, reading provides so many great benefits that can boost their grades. However, it’s no surprise that children these days just aren’t as interested in going to the library and checking out books as they used to. If you find that your child is attached to technology and could benefit from reading, install an e-book reader on their phone, or better still, get them a small and relatively cheap dedicated e-book reader. Able to access an unlimited supply of books in all categories, reading on their phone or a dedicated reader could be the perfect blend of technology and learning.

Take Your Child's Education Further With Technology and Tutoring in Roseville

Here at The Tutoring Center, Roseville we understand that technology can be a powerful tool when it comes to furthering your child’s grades. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Roseville at 916 771 4100 about these and other great ways that our tutors can provide appropriate ways for technology to complement tutoring In Roseville and find the perfect balance between your child's love of the computer screen and learning.


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