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We all compete on a daily basis. Good competitors can handle winning and losing, bad ones can’t. In this article, you’ll find some tips to cultivate healthy competition and be a good competitor. Children have a natural tendency to compete, even with the simplest of things, like who can finish an ice cream cone faster. Competition is present and inevitable in almost every aspect of their lives. Since competing is almost inevitable, you can encourage your child to cultivate healthy competition with these tips.

It’s Not All About Winning

Losing is part of competing, and not every competition needs to result in a win. You need to teach your children to focus on the event rather than the outcome. Encourage them to do their best and have fun in the process. If they win, that’s great, and if they don’t, that’s fine too. Losing teaches them lessons, makes them stronger, and inspires them to try harder.

Set an Example

There are some times when you have to stand up for what’s fair for your child, but if you start a riot every time something unfair happens to them, you’re not setting a good example.

Stop Comparing

Nobody likes to hear how one person is better than them. Competition starts at home with sibling rivalry. You can’t compare one child to another because one of them is bound to get hurt and resent their siblings. A simple comment such as, “Your brother always does as he’s told,” can make a child feel inferior and severely damage their self-esteem. Instead, teach them about how they are special because they are different. Mention things they’re good at, and raise their self-esteem.

Talk to Them About Values

Children can feel so pressured to win that they will do anything to achieve it. Cheating should never be the answer, no matter how much they want to win. Teach them about the importance of honesty, morals, and values. Winning by cheating or making someone else feel bad doesn’t count.

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