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For the many children who don’t enjoy math, having to do some extra math practice at home seems like a cruel joke. However, math can actually be fun, even if some students don’t think so. There are many ways to sneakily get them to practice math while they’re enjoying themselves. Here are four great suggestions you can try with your children.

Board Games

Classic board games can involve math abilities. Games like Monopoly and Life require players to use their math skills while spending their money in an attempt to win. Even Scrabble can involve math since you need to be adding points, not to mention it also involves spelling practice as well. Stock up on some board games and let the practice begin.

Playing an Instrument

Music actually involves a lot of counting. To read music you need to count notes to create different rhythms. Children practice their fraction skills by measuring how many notes are in a beat.

Shop, Shop, Shop!

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? Give your children a small budget and let them choose what snacks to buy. They have to count and estimate to be sure they don’t overspend and stay within their budget. Talk to them about sale taxes so they can consider that too in their calculations.

Start Crafting

Doing some crafts, like sewing, knitting, or woodwork, can involve measuring and calculating. Your child will not only be working on their math skills, but also on their planning, organizing, and motor abilities as well.

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