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How to Prepare for an Upcoming Quiz

Whether it has an impact on their overall grade or is being used as a tool to gauge a general level of understanding, quizzes can make students nervous. If your child has an upcoming quiz, The Tutoring Center, Roseville has three ways to help them prepare.

Study Together

Different to a standardized exam where it may include information not directly learned, quizzes will include information from a recent set of classes. For this reason, studying in a group of classmates can help as each student can bring a different recollection of each class to the table.

Use Notes Wisely

Your child's notes provide a wealth of information taught during their classes and are a great way to revise before a quiz. If you notice a set of notes which has been written, rewritten and then rewritten again, help your child to focus on these. Rewriting notes is an indication that the lesson was a challenge for them to learn, and may pose a problem for recollecting the information during a quiz.

Practice With Multiple Choice

Many students feel confident they have the correct answer until presented with similar answers and options. As you help your child study, present them with close alternatives to answers they provide and challenge them to re-think their answer. Preparing them for instances of self-doubt will help them to be sure of their answers during a quiz.

Tutoring In Roseville

Tutoring in Roseville isn't just for struggling students or those with upcoming high-level exams. All children can benefit from tutoring in Roseville during low-level quizzes and general lesson understanding. Call The Tutoring Center, Roseville at 916 771 4100 to book a free consultation to learn more.


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