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Have you noticed your student struggling with school? There are several internal and external factors that come in the way of students having a good academic performance. Factors like learning environment, the relationship with their teacher, social relationships, all play a role in a student's school life and can come in the way of their performance. Being aware of some of these factors can make the task of helping students with school a lot easier. Read this article by The Tutoring Center, Roseville, CA, and learn more about the topic.


Motivation plays a big role in a student's academic life. An unmotivated student, even though they may be fully capable of obtaining high grades, will probably not put enough energy and effort into their academics and will lack the drive to work towards their goals. Receiving feedback and finding a personal interest in what they are learning are factors that can help a student get motivated. Motivation is crucial, as it helps direct attention and energy to get tasks done as well as influences students into having a positive attitude towards learning.

Extracurricular Activities

Being enrolled in extracurricular activities can be highly beneficial for students. Being part of a team or participating in team oriented activities can, for example, help students boost their self-confidence levels, allow them to learn the importance of team-work, and even increase their confidence. However, it's crucial for students to find a balance between school and extracurricular activities, as overworking themselves can lead them to neglect their school work and affect their academic performance.

Learning Environment

A student's learning environment is another important aspect that affects their school life. Students need to feel they have structure and security while learning. This can be achieved by their teachers planning the material for the class beforehand as well as by following a specific curriculum. Also, the norms and regulations of the school help create an appropriate school climate, allowing students to feel like they have a safe and adequate space to learn and grow.

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