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Your child’s report card not only shows their grade but also notes from their teacher about challenges experiences throughout the year and suggestions for improvement. If this sounds familiar, The Tutoring Center, Roseville CA  has a great post about how these comments can be used over the summer break.

The Teacher Knows Best

Look through all of the notes that their teachers wrote to identify any common learning challenges. For example, if your child struggles with reading or writing then it’s fair to expect more than one teacher to remark on the challenge. Keeping with a reading example, you can consider small instances of learning at home during the summer break, such as:
  • Find out which letter-sound combinations and general words your student struggles with, and write these words on small pieces of paper attached to their snacks. Each time that they want to enjoy a snack, ask them to first read the word and use it in a complete sentence.
  • At the library, allow your child to choose their own non-textbook and open up their exposure to broader vocabulary they otherwise wouldn’t enjoy and benefit from.
  • When you receive marketing mail, have your children read it to you. This activity can help their reading by showing them a range of writing styles and grammar uses.
These tips can be adapted to any subject your student struggles with, however, consider your own creative ideas on how to include small lessons in their day.

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