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  Homework can be a tricky subject for some students; they may have trouble concentrating or working on a particular subject. Still, homework is a big part of their grade and is a good opportunity for them to practice what they have learned. One of the things we here at The Tutoring Center in Roseville,CA are extremely experienced at is helping your child with his or her homework. We would like to share some tips with you today on this subject.


Create a study space in a quiet area of your home. Provide a well lit, comfortable desk with all the supplies he will need. Set a time frame to work on the homework.


Work with your child to create a strategy so he can complete his homework effectively. For example, he should take care of the easiest assignments first and get them out of the way. Then divide the more complicated tasks into smaller, workable parts.


Be close by while your child is doing his homework to answer any questions he may have. Do not watch over your child's shoulder, this can be an irritating distraction. Be supportive and available but only when he needs it.

Taking the Reins

As tempting as it may be, do not help your child so much that you look up to find him playing a video game while you have taken over and finished his homework for him. After all, the whole point is for him to learn and practice the lessons, so back off and allow him to finish the work.


Once your child is done with his homework, you can review his work. Again, don’t give him the answers to everything, but do let him know if there’s something he should change or improve.

For Tutoring in Roseville

If your child is still having trouble doing the homework for a particular subject, a tutor may be the answer. At The Tutoring Center, we work with your child and adapt to their learning style to help them reach their academic goals. Call (916) 771-4100 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule a free consultation.


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