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Students think summer means forgetting about school and ignoring the books. Just because school is out, it doesn’t mean that your children should get lazy and stop learning.

5 Activities to Keep Your Children Learning This Summer

All students eagerly wait for summer to arrive so they can finally get a rest from school. Most youngsters spend their summer relaxing and hanging out with their friends, but too much relaxation can make their brains lazy. Help your children keep an active mind by following some of these summer activity ideas.
  1. Get moving: Children need exercise to be healthy, but exercise can also boost their brain power. Invite your children to try a new activity.
  2. Start writing: Encourage your children to write by starting a journal documenting their summer adventures, thoughts, and ideas.
  3. Summer tutoring: Tutoring isn’t just an alternative for when your children are falling behind in class. It’s also an excellent summer option. Tutoring in Roseville can help your children keep their school learning fresh.
  4. Join a book club: There’s enough time this summer to read at least a couple of books. Reading can help prevent the summer slide and can also introduce your children to new vocabulary. Look around town or search online for summer book clubs your children can join.
  5. Find a new hobby: Encourage your children to learn something new or find a new hobby. Maybe they can learn a new language, join some cooking classes, or start painting.

Summer Tutoring in Roseville

If you’re looking for a tutoring option in Roseville to keep your children busy and learning, enroll them at The Tutoring Center, Roseville CA. They have a variety of options for tutoring in Roseville. Call them at 916-771-4100 to learn all about them.


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