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The Internet can be a valuable educational tool for your children if approached correctly, but it can also be a source of endless distraction and can make it all too easy for your children to view inappropriate material. The Tutoring Center in Roseville would like to offer you this guide to ensuring your child develops good Internet habits.

Educate yourself

If you are not web-literate, then consider taking the time to learn about the Internet, including which sites are useful and appropriate for your child and which aren’t. It is really simple to learn, so approach the Web with confidence.

Lead by example

If your child sees that you spend a large portion of your time on the Internet then they will view this as normal behaviour. Try to avoid using computers, tablets and smartphones when your family are all together, such as at mealtimes, to show that there is a time and a place for Internet use.

Get involved

The best way to teach your child good habits is to browse the Internet with them. This way, you can direct them towards the best sites and make sure they understand not to stray towards any material you would rather they didn’t see. This can also be a fun bonding exercise and will likely bring you and your child closer together.

Teach safe browsing

Make sure your child knows how to use the Internet safely. Teach them not to share personal information such as their full name, address or phone number, and never to respond to messages from strangers.

Install a filter

Most Internet service providers will include optional filters and parental controls which, when set up, will block your child from accessing any inappropriate materials unintentionally during their browsing. Check with yours to find out the options available to you.

Set limits

Consider sitting down with your child and drawing up a plan of when they can and can’t use the Internet. Try to avoid having Internet-enabled devices in your child’s bedroom, especially if they are a younger child, as you may be unaware of how often they are using them and what they are viewing.

As we have discussed, the internet is a major source of distraction. Our tips should help alleviate these problems, but you can help make sure your child is paying attention in class as well as at home by following our guide to staying focused

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