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What Should Your Notes Look Like?

Effective note-taking is one of the most effective skills a student can develop, but no one technique works for every student. Note-taking techniques have a lot to do with the type of learner you are. Some types of notes are mind maps, bullet journaling, or the Cornell Method. There are be many note-taking techniques, but the one that works best for you will be the best.

Focus on the Main Points

Now, some students think that there’s no value in taking notes. A challenge many students face is learning what should go in their notes. The easiest way to take notes is to write down only the lecture’s main points, but how can you tell what the main points are? Some tips are to look for summaries at the start or the end of a lecture, look for emphasis in certain words and finally write down dates, numbers, and names that can help you remember facts when studying.

Reviewing Your Notes

Finally, reviewing your notes is a great way to study. Experts say that reviewing them 24 hours after class can help you retain the information better. Also, some experts suggest that rewriting your notes can also help you remember critical data from the lecture. Studying a bit every day and learning to take effective notes can make a big difference.

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