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7 out of 10 adults will confuse a learning disability for mental disorder. This is why, perhaps, it can be frightening when your child is diagnosed. Of course each child has his or her strengths. Learning Disabilities or LDs affect a particular aspect of learning, spefically. You may have a child with severe math anxiety who finds it difficult to comprehend math facts and concepts. Or perhaps you have a child who is suffering from the lack of written and verbal communication skills. These are both classified as Learning Disabilities, although they are quite different. The thing to remember is that LD is not one thing but a classification of several different disabilities that hinder learning. The Tutoring Center in Roseville would like to share some statistics concerning Learning Disabilities as well as a few options a parent can take to help their child with LD to better succeed in an academic setting. 

Statistics and Facts

- 66% of children diagnosed with LD are male
- 2.4 million children in the US have been diagnosed
- those coming from families living in poverty are more likely to have an LD

How You Can Help

Focus on Strengths
Once you discover your child has a learning disability it is very important that he or she knows you are not disappointed in him or her. Ensure your child that they are not their disorder and that you will do all you can to help them succeed. 

Become the Expert
You are going to need to research, ask professionals, and study a bit on your child’s disability. The more you know the more helpful you can be to your child in this journey. 

Communicate with the School
Be sure that you are in communication with the teacher and other school staff. Often there is a Learning Disability specialist on staff who can, with the help of your child’s teacher, create an Individualized Learning Plan so that your child can get the proper education with the help required. 

Remember that The Tutoring Center is fully staffed with professionals who understand and know how to assist those with Learning Disabilities. You may wish to consider hiring a professional tutor to assist your child more fully. For more information on tutoring in Roseville please contact us at 916-771-4100, to find out more about what we can do for you, and to schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment!


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