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As mentioned in a previous post, one of the benefits of personalized tutoring in Roseville, is that the tutor will be able to adapt to your child’s learning style, ensuring that they master their school subjects. However, if you aren’t sure of what your child’s learning style is and how you can adapt to it at home, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

The Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic learners are usually people who are very hyperactive and that learn better when they’re doing things, instead of reading or hearing about them. They also use their sense of touch to assimilate certain  information. 

If your child is a kinesthetic learner, help them out by making up experiments they can try related to what they need to learn, and providing them with different tools (for instance, an abbacus).

The Visual Learning Style

As the name suggest, visual learners are those who are more inclined to absorb information through their sight. This permits them to have a better understanding of color, spatial arrangements, and other visual stimuli. 

If you have a visual learner at home, adapt to their style by encouraging them to draw images with the information they should learn, and by showing them videos about their lessons.

The Auditory Learning Style

Finally, there are auditory learners, which means that their preferred way of learning is through their hearing. As you can imagine, this makes them especially good with songs, conversations, rhythm, and other auditory incentives.

If your child is guided by sounds, help them learn by doing the following: if possible, record their lectures so they can listen to them, or have discussions about what they should study. 

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