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Even on the holidays, there are simple and fun ways in which you can help your child to keep learning and maintain their brain active. Learn about simple activities you can do as a family this holiday season by reading this article that The Tutoring Center, Roseville, CA, has for you!


The holidays are the perfect opportunity to cook as a family. From baking Christmas cookies to baking a big cake, cooking can be great way to keep your child on track with math. Keep things simple, have your child measure the ingredients and tell you how many eggs or cups of flour you need for the recipe. Also, have them predict the time they think your baking goods will need to be fully cooked.

Reading Christmas Stories

Does your child need to practice their reading? Have them read you Christmas stories! Have your child have at least a 15 minute read each day to help them stay on track and be able to return to school without any setbacks. Take advantage of this time to also have them reflect on the stories and ask them to imagine different scenarios. What could be a different ending for the story?


If your child enjoys singing, learning new songs can not only be fun but can allow them to expand their vocabulary. Have them also reflect con the song, what is it about? What new words did you learn that you didn’t know before? Learning new songs is also a great way of helping your child work on their memory.

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