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Not everything can be learned at school. There are some life skills you should teach your children at home. Here are some examples of useful non-academic skills your child should possess.

Non-Academic Skills for a Successful Life

Children can learn many skills at school from math to reading and everything in between. However, some valuable skills aren’t taught at school, but they are necessary for success. Here are a few examples of life skills you should teach your child. Repairs: Not that your child should know how to rebuild electronics or fix the plumbing system, but they should learn about some necessary household repairs. They should learn a few skills to help them perform some basic maintenance tasks. Saving and budgeting: As adults, many of us still struggle with our savings and budgets. It’s better to teach them young how to save and budget. Plus, these skills are a great math practice, which proves they DO need math in the real world. Find their passion: Being passionate about what you do is one of the main keys to success. Your child should try different after school activities to try and find something they’re passionate about. They probably won't discover it a young age, but at least they’re working towards it. Compassion: Compassion is certainly not something taught in schools. You should teach your child about trying to empathize with others and to understand their struggles. Compassion also helps you appreciate how much you have in life. Be present: It’s easier for children to live in the moment, not caring about the past or the future. This is a skill that they should keep throughout their whole lives. Adults forget about enjoying the moment.

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