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As you are raising your child, you’ve likely got several ideas of how you are going to keep him or her on track with academics. You are preparing your child to have the best time management skills possible, as well as providing him or her with a tutor if necessary. Yet another great skill your child can begin to learn early, and you can help him or her to do so, is that of organization. If you’d like to see your child become more organized before the end of the school year then consider some of these tips offered today by The Tutoring Center in Roseville. 

The first step in remaining organized is to avoid clutter. Start new by helping your child remove clutter from his or her backpack and workspace. You can also instruct your child to do the same with his or her locker, if there is one at school. Then of course, help your child to maintain this new cleanliness by going through his or her backpack and workspace together a few times, to get rid of or store papers that are no longer necessary. 

As it was mentioned in the previous tip, if you do not already have a designated study space for your child, ensure that is taken care of soon. Find a place in your home where your child will be able to do his or her homework and studying without too much disruption. Also near the study space there should be a place where your child can put his or her backpack, school supplies, and other necessities for the day ahead. Having all of this together will not only help your child to stay organized, but will also help to avoid some of the morning rush. 

Help your child set up a schedule that works for his or her needs. Remember that he or she should be studying nightly for a test, at least one week ahead of time. Likewise, assignments that are not do for a period of time should be working on little by little each night. For homework, your child should consider completing the easier tasks first and saving the more difficult ones for last. However, if this method does not work for your child, then perhaps he or she would prefer doing the more difficult tasks first while he or she is at the most alert. Either way, come up with a schedule with your child, and stick with it. 

Once you are beginning to see your child succeed in organization, it is still possible that he or she will need tutoring in a specific subject area. If that is the case, remember that The Tutoring Center is here to help you. For tutoring in Roseville be sure to contact us at 916-771-4100.


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