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You may not think too much about it, but keeping an organized notebook with good notes can really benefit the outcome of your study sessions and with it, your grades. If you want to reap the rewards of having an organized notebook, follow these tips The Tutoring Center in Roseville has for you. 

How Keep Your Notebooks Organized

Have a Notebook for Each Subject

The first thing you should do is separate your subjects by having a notebook and folder for each one. Remember to use these supplies accordingly and don’t mix subjects.

Tag Them

Misplacing a notebook can be very stressful because that’s where you keep all of your study material. To ensure that your notebook returns to you, put your name and grade on its cover.

Write Down the Date and Title on Each Page

Trying to find your notes can be a huge waste of time when you have to study. Avoid this from happening by writing down the date and title for the lesson on each page.

Focus on Taking Good Notes

Your notes won’t do you any good if you can’t understand what you wrote down. Write comprehensible sentences in your best penmanship so you don’t have to decode your notes later.

Accentuate Important Information

Reminders, dates, homework, names, or other important information should stand out in your notes. Use highlighters, sticky notes, and bookmarks to accentuate them.

Avoid Loose Papers

If possible, do your best to keep your notebook in one piece and don’t rip pages out. Likewise, don’t keep loose papers in there as they may get lost; that’s what the folders are for!

Create an Index

If you want your notebook to be organized to a T, create an index for it. Write down page numbers on each page and make an index in the back so you know where every lesson is.

Keep Your Notebook Clean

Finally, keep your notebook tidy and clean. Clutter, doodles, and all around dirtiness can be very distracting and may even stress you out when you have to study, so avoid them.

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