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Games and adventures can help your children be even more creative. Here are some everyday games that can easily boost your children’s creativity.

Children Become More Creative Through Games

Creativity helps us find new uses to everyday products, create different solutions to everyday...
Stress is not an exclusive adult malady. Children can be under heavy stress too because of school, homework, home life, and friends. Here’s what you can do to help them manage stress.

You Can Help Your Stressed-Out Child

As adults, we often struggle to manage stress. For children, it’s even...
If you’re wondering how you can help your child with their homework without doing it for them, here are some tips you can try to make the process easier.  

Homework Must Be Done

There are plenty of reasons why children can’t focus on their homework assignments. They may be too tired, perhaps...
Not everything can be learned at school. There are some life skills you should teach your children at home. Here are some examples of useful non-academic skills your child should possess.

Non-Academic Skills for a Successful Life

Children can learn many skills at school from math to reading and...
Technology can be a great tool outside of school. There are plenty of learning apps available for children, so why not try some of these apps during the winter break?

Learning Apps for Children All Ages

Keeping your children learning over winter break doesn’t mean you have to sit them down and...
Getting your children to sit down to work on their homework is sometimes a struggle. The task of sitting down and focusing on answering an assignment can be challenging. Perhaps there’s a reason why they’re unable to concentrate.

Understand Why Your Children Can’t Focus

Focusing is not easy for...
A journal is more than just a notebook to write down your daily activities. It’s a place to explore your feelings and ideas about people you know, events, and issues you care about. Learn about the benefits you get when you keep a journal.

Journaling Is Valuable in Many Aspects of Your Life

We all compete on a daily basis. Good competitors can handle winning and losing, bad ones can’t. In this article, you’ll find some tips to cultivate healthy competition and be a good competitor. Children have a natural tendency to compete, even with the simplest of things, like who can finish an...
Adults have it easy when it comes to working to improve their concentration, children, however, need extra help.  Here are some easy ways in which you can work on improving your child’s ability to focus. Children have curious and overly-active minds. It’s no wonder that they find it hard to...
The learning loss experienced by students over their summer break is also known as the summer slide. You can help stop the summer slide by using reading as a summer learning tool. The summer slide is recognized by researchers and educators alike. Students tend to lose a lot of their learning...


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