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Help Your Child Improve Last Semester's Grades

If you have just received your child’s first report card of the school year and are underwhelmed by the grades, below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Roseville on how you can help your child improve them during the next semester.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

The first reaction of any parent is either anger or frustration, often assuming that their child’s low grades are the result of disinterest in school or that they aren’t paying attention in class. However, this isn’t always the case. It could be that:
  • Your child struggles to find enough time to complete their homework.
  • Taking effective notes is a challenge.
  • They need additional learning tools.
  • Your student simply wasn’t prepared for the more complex lessons of the school year.
Each of the above is a valid reason which has nothing to do with a disinterest in school and can be easily rectified:
  • Show them how to rearrange their schedule and priorities to accommodate for more homework time.
  • Teach them how they can take better notes.
  • Head to the stationery store.
  • Provide some additional homework help.
Whatever the reason for your child's low grades, be sure to stay receptive and help them work towards overcoming it.

If Additional Help Is Required

Many parents can often struggle to provide their student with homework help simply because they don’t understand it themselves. However, parents aren’t the only ones who can help.
  • Study groups at school can be a great way for your child to learn from their peers.
  • Finding alternate learning materials which present the lessons in a different way can help your child engage and understand.
  • Formal one-to-one tutoring in Roseville is a great way for your child to get the attention they need which their teacher just can't provide.

Your Child Can Benefit from Tutoring in Roseville

If you don’t understand your child’s lessons or can’t find additional learning resources, tutoring in Roseville can help. To learn more about the benefits of tutoring in Roseville and how tutoring in Roseville can help your child raise their grades, speak with a learning professional today at The Tutoring Center, Roseville. Call 916-771-4100 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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