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Helping your children become great readers goes beyond putting their books at reachable places. Having a space at home that engages your loved ones to read is a big step towards motivating them to grab a book in an era when this activity is often neglected, yet its benefits are crucial for better work and life opportunities. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Roseville, we created the following post containing useful advice to create a reading advice at home. 


Getting your children’s vision checked is often overlooked, so make sure to look out for any of these behaviors: frequent eye rubbing, eye strain after looking at a screen or squinting. These are just some red flags that you should visit the specialist. Also, keep in mind that your children should hold the book about 18 inches from their eyes, as leaning in closer to read can mean they are nearsighted. 


Finding a place with natural light is very important, just remember that you should also provide your children with a lamp. Remember that they should avoid looking at it directly and avoid glares. Reading before bedtime can be useful to relax your children, otherwise you should look for a comfortable chair or furniture and set the temperature to 65 degrees to keep your children alert. 


If your children are always using their tablet, you can use this to motivate them to read ebooks, otherwise you should keep electronic gadgets. Keep in mind that having the television on while reading will claim their attention and lead to ineffective reading. 

Your children can become great readers, you only have to instill the right habits and provide them with the right environment, so they can discover a whole new world through the stories they read. Also, be sure to read our guide on improving in reading comprehension

Reading is a cognitive process that takes time and effort to develop and it’s relatively common that students struggle in this area. If you are looking for tutoring in Roseville, you can trust The Tutoring Center. Our exclusive programs will help your children enhance their reading comprehension skills. Call (916) 771-4100 to schedule a free consultation.


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