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The SAT is part of the college admission process, accepted by over 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States alone. It is taken by nearly 2 million students annually. Provide a great score on your SAT, you could get into the college of your choice, and receive financial aid. An excellent SAT score could help you achieve the receipt of an ever coveted scholarship. It is no wonder then, that the SAT has been known to cause stress for many of those who find themselves in need to take it. It is with you in mind that The Tutoring Center in Roseville would like to share some tips about taking the test, as well as some other general SAT information we think you’ll find helpful. 

Reading Section

- You must read the entire selection before attempting to answer the questions
- This suggestion is due to the fact that if you attempt to answer the multiple choice questions prior to reading, it is quite possible that you’ll be tricked into giving the wrong answer.
- Though scanning may seem like a good idea, again, there is the possibility without a thorough reading, you will answer incorrectly.
- Remember for this section and the multiple choice writing section you’ll be penalized for each incorrect answer-therefore if you do not absolutely know the answer of a question, it is best not to answer it.

Writing Section

- When answering the multiple choice questions remember that there will be partially correct answers, incorrect answers, and a completely correct answer. Be sure to read the options well and pick the completely correct option.
- Use a 5 paragraph essay to answer the writing prompt. You will have 25 minutes to do this section, so remember to organize your thoughts quickly. Prior to organizing however, ensure that you understand the prompt completely
     - Introduction - this paragraph should include a short response to the prompt and a brief list of your evidences.
     - 3 body paragraphs - here is where you’ll expand on your ideas, making sure they are clear, concise, and that you do not ramble.
     - Conclusion - find a new way to restate the information from your introduction as well as including a “clincher sentence” which will bring together your thoughts in a final, swift conclusion .

Math Section

- The equations will start more easily, even if you find the first questions difficult, attempt to answer them more quickly. As you move on through the test, you will most likely find that the questions get more difficult, as this is how it is designed. You’ll want to save your precious minutes to take more time on the more difficult questions nearing the end of the section. 
- As previously mentioned, the writing and reading sections give a penalty for incorrect answers. This is not the case for the math section. It is scored only by giving points for correct answers.Therefore, if you are not 100% sure, give it a shot and guess. There is a possibility that you’ll guess correctly and receive more points!

General Tips

- Although you will not be allowed to use your calculator during the entire exam, there are a few parts where you can. Bring one.
- You’ll be provided with scratch paper to work out those difficult math problems. Do not try to take the scratch paper out of the exam room. You’ll need to place it inside of your test booklet when you turn it in.
- Don’t forget two number 2 pencils, your picture ID-as the testing center will require identification, and a snack for the break in the middle of the test.
- Staying organized throughout the school year can really help when exams come around; make sure you aren’t wasting time searching for materials by following our guide to organization.

Remember that the best time to make your first attempt at the SAT is in the beginning of your 11th grade year. If you’ve already taken the SAT and are not pleased with your score, or if you have yet to take the test at all, keep in mind that The Tutoring Center offers a Pre-SAT Prep Program that will provide you with information about the sections, scoring, study skills, and of course, plenty of opportunities to practice! If you are interested, give us a call at 916-771-4100, to find out more about the program or if you require tutoring in Roseville.


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