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Especially after coming back from a long break, it’s possible that your child’s sleep pattern will be off when it’s time to start waking up early for school again. Plan ahead and begin waking your child up a bit earlier each morning to help get him or her back into the habit. Hopefully you are well aware of the benefits of getting a good night of sleep, and The Tutoring Center in Roseville would like to help you encourage your child to have better sleeping habits in four simple steps. 

Avoid Caffeinated Products

This might seem obvious, but try to avoid as much caffeine as possible. If you choose to allow your child to drink caffeine, make sure that he or she refrains from drinking it past noon. Be aware of what your child is drinking and ensure that it is not caffeinated. Keep in mind that there is caffeine in a lot of sodas, candy and even chocolate. 

Plan One Hour of Quiet Time

During this quiet time your child may choose to get ready for bed, brush his or her teeth, lay out clothing for the next day, and put on pajamas. You can read to your child or allow your child to read on his or her own, taking time to practice these 8 tips to help with reading comprehension . You should avoid allowing your child to watch TV, play with electronics, or do any last minute homework during this time. The idea is that during this time your child is winding down and getting in the right mood to sleep well. 

Don’t Go to Sleep Hungry

Provide a light snack for your child before bed. You could consider giving him or her fruit, a cup of milk, or perhaps some granola. Your child should eat dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime to help them sleep comfortably and avoid digestive distress. 

Maintain a Consistent Sleeping Routine

Though it may not be ideal for you as a parent, it’s important to try to keep a sleep schedule for your child. This means that if your child has to wake up at 7am during the week, he or she shouldn’t sleep much later on the weekend. You want the hours in which your child is asleep and awake to be consistent so your child is adequately tired by bedtime and ready to wake up when the time comes. 

When your child has developed a routine and is practicing good sleeping habits, you are likely to see changes for the better in his or her attitude and academic performance. That being said, you may still feel that your child is in need of assistance in an academic subject area. The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff that is ready to assist your child, so look no further if you require tutoring in Roseville. Contact us at 916-771-4100.


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