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While your child is probably still getting into the swing of the school year, hopefully making new friends, and already achieving great academic success, we feel there is still time to remind you of how to help your child with one of the most important parts of staying academically excellent, organization. The Tutoring Center in Roseville would like to share SIX easy tips to help you help your child to remain organized!

Set Goals

Whether academic or personal, make sure that you write down and prioritize your goals for the week, month, and even year. You may choose to share these goals with someone you trust in order to receive encouragement and accountability during the process of accomplish them. 

Avoid Clutter

It is difficult to stay organized when you have a lot of things. For example, in your backpack, locker, and workspace, you should not have loose papers floating around. Those you no longer need, get rid of those. Those you want to save for future use, put neatly into folders and/or notebooks. 

Designate a Study Space

As for your study space, you should have one designated in your home. Your family should know that this is the place you will go to complete assignments. You may choose a desk or study area in your bedroom, but avoid using your bed for study. Other suggestions are a couch or the kitchen table. You can also, around the same area, have a place to store your backpack, homework, and other school materials. Mornings are much easier when you do not have to do the crazed search for all of the items you’ll need for the day. 

Write It Down

Remember that saying you’ll remember always leave the possibility to forget. It is always a better choice to write it down. Likewise using your phone to take a picture of an assignment may seem like a good idea, however when you remove your phone from your bag to review your assignments, you know better than anyone how many distractions you know have available to you. It is best to avoid using your phone while studying or doing homework. 

Use a Planner

Perhaps consider getting a planner to write down your assignments in, instead. You can make notes of when you receive an assignment and when it is due. If there is an extended time between the two, you can also make notes to be working on it throughout. This is also an effective way to remember to study for a test. This way, you can avoid cramming or working on a major assignment the night before it is due. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Remember that homework takes priority and you should do your homework assignments prior to the other activities of the day. That being said, you get to decide if working on the easiest assignments and moving to the hardest, or vise versa, is most effective for you. If you need them, schedule breaks between tasks, do something rejuvenating, and get back to work. 

After achieving maximum organization, it may be time to get a tutor for any subject your child is still having trouble with. The tutors at The Tutoring Center are ready to help them! Contact us at 916-771-4100 for tutoring in Roseville.


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