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Get Back Into a Routine With Tutoring in Roseville

We understand that returning back to work and school after a well-needed vacation can be undesirable and stressful. Therefore, we at The Tutoring Center, Roseville would like to provide you with some simple tips on how to prepare your children for school after the holiday vacation. Let us help you check off one important thing on that terribly long list of things to do for the New Year.

Review Last Semester's Notes

It is time to dust off the cobwebs of your children's notebooks and put them to work. Although it might seem like quite the task, getting your kids to review old material will ultimately help them to remember that information when it comes time for exams, so have them open up and get to reading. They will be surprised at how quickly the information comes back to them.

Retain Information With Flash Cards

Why not make studying fun and easy? That is why we here at The Tutoring Center, Roseville recommend having your kids make flash cards from their old notes. Not only will this force them to re-read notes, which helps with information recall, but it will also help them to memorize that information by way of writing it down.

Make a Study Schedule

Last but not least, it is imperative that you have your children set a study schedule because re-reading and writing the information will only help so much. Set them up for success by having them study daily at a certain time and get them used to a routine similar to their upcoming school routine.  If you're having trouble keeping them on a schedule, book in for some tutoring In Roseville to make their routine more structured and official.

Local and Professional Tutoring in Roseville

Leave the stress of setting and sticking to a study schedule to us! Contact The Tutoring Center, Roseville at 916-771-4100 to discuss how our 'Geniuses in Training' tutoring program can help your child get back into a routine and ready to get back to school.


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