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Here at The Tutoring Center in Roseville, California, we use different strategies with our custom one to one instructions to help your child learn to read and write. A graphic organizer, also known as a story map uses visual symbols to express concepts and the relationships between them. It can help your child learn the elements of a story by identifying characters, plots, settings, problems and solutions. Below is some information about this very useful learning tool.

Story Map Benefits

  • It improves reading comprehension by using a visual flowchart for identifying the elements of a story.
  • It helps students structure writing projects from beginning to end
  • Helps encourage students to make decisions
  • Makes it easier for students to communicate and classify ideas
  • Allows students to examine intricate relationships
  • Helps students to demonstrate their thinking process
  • Makes it easier to brainstorm on a particular scenes in a story
  • Encourages students to organize essential concepts and ideas

How is a Story Map Used?

  • For Reading: While reading a book with your child, stop between chapters to discuss the main components of the story. Introduce your child to a blank story map organizer and guide him in filling in the blanks such as  identify the setting, characters, the problem, and the solution in the story.
  • For Math: Story maps can be used to help your child solve open-ended math problems. Or he can use the story map to create his own math problems.
  • For Social Studies: Using the format of the story map, your child can create his own map by taking a walk around the neighborhood or school. Encourage him to include positional words in his story map writing.
  • Homework Support: A story map can help your child organize his homework in a logical manner, such as which lesson should be worked on first.

For Tutoring in Roseville

Research shows that story maps are great tools to help children understand what they read. It also helps them write and organize their own stories. Reading and writing are important components to a well-rounded education. If your child needs extra help in this subject or any other academic area, he or she could benefit from the best tutoring in Roseville. Contact The Tutoring Center at 916-771-4100.


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