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The ability to concentrate on a task is very difficult nowadays -  from our gadgets to social networks, there are many things that can easily divert our attention. Luckily, you can provide your children with a solid study foundation, and a great start is creating a place in your home where your children feel motivated to carry out their homework and other school duties. 

That’s why, at The Tutoring Center in Roseville, we would like to share with you a few ideas to create a study space in your home. 

Identify their Style

Each student has a unique learning style. For instance, while some will find it difficult to study with a background noise this might work for others. As a parent you should pay attention to your children and find out which environment works best for them.

Find the Right Place

Now that you know the ideal environment for your children to learn, find a spot in your house that is suitable for their needs. Remember that their bed isn’t the most ideal place since it’s associated with sleeping; instead set up a comfortable chair and a sturdy desk. 

Have School Supplies Ready

Keep in mind that the “perfect” setting to start schoolwork doesn’t exist, however you can prevent your children from standing up constantly to look for school supplies. Make sure to provide them with everything they need, so they don’t waste time. Your children should also be responsible for keeping their space organized - have binders and folders available for them. 

These simple yet useful tips can help to create study habits that will be very useful throughout the academic life of your children. Also, be sure to read this post containing useful information to stay focused in class.

If your children are falling behind in class and their study habits are not good enough to fulfill the class demands, there’s something you can do! At The Tutoring Center we have a Study Skills Enrichment Program that will teach our students effective study habits to achieve their academic goals. 

We also know that each student has different needs, and for this reason we offer a free diagnostic assessment so we can identify the best possible way to help your children -  another reason to choose us next time you are looking for tutoring in Roseville. 

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