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As a parent to a growing child, we’re sure that you understand the relationship between eating well and healthy development. Your child’s growing and active mind and body need foods that are going to best supplement them during this stage in their life. It is with this in mind, that The Tutoring Center in Roseville would like to share some superfoods for active children.

Milk and yogurt are both great sources of calcium and protein, necessary to build healthy bodies and minds. Greek yogurt is the highest in protein, so try mixing it up with fresh fruit and granola for a super healthy breakfast.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, linked with a decreased risk of cancer, and are also an excellent source of vitamin C. They’re versatile, too, acting as the base for a whole host of pasta and pizza sauces, soups, and salads.

Tofu is a wonderful source of lean protein. If your child is not a fan of plain tofu, as is all too likely, then try disguising silken tofu in smoothies and milkshakes, or marinate firm tofu in sauce before stir-frying so that it absorbs those delicious flavors.

Nuts and seeds are sources of healthy fats, which are essential for your child’s cardiovascular health and brain function. They’re a great snack to provide in lunchboxes along with some fruit as they also provide slow-release energy.

Oily fish are another good source of these good fats - mackerel, salmon and trout are all fine choices. Try adding them to fish pies or soups if your child doesn’t like fish in fillets.

Remember, that as you are implementing these new options within your home, it is best if you too are interested in eating healthy options. Your child looks up to you, and will become more serious about eating well if they can see that you are too. Once you’ve had success with healthy eating, know that The Tutoring Center is here to help if you think your child is in need of academic assistance in any area. Call 916-771-4100 today to schedule a free diagnostic assessment or tutoring in Roseville today.


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