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Attending to class isn’t enough to become a great student; your children need to link and fully understand the concepts taught in class, and knowing how to take notes in the classroom is crucial. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Roseville, we would like to share a few helpful ideas to develop a more efficient note taking. 

School Supplies

The most obvious, yet neglected step, is having the right school supplies. Make sure to provide your children with pens, highlighters, notebooks, binders and everything they need to take notes. Also, it’s not a bad idea get your children checked by an optometrist to identify any abnormalities. 


Active listening is a skill that your children have to develop, and it involves being able to re estate what they just heard using other words. Having the right mind frame is very important to achieve this ability and your children should be capable to identify the key concepts in a topic, rather than writing down every word they hear.


Your children should never refrain from asking questions during class. This will help them to grasp concepts that aren’t clear, otherwise they won’t be able to put together their class notes. 

Without doubt, knowing how to take notes is very important to consolidate knowledge, so talk to your children about these concepts. Another major component in great academic achievement is having the right amount of rest, be sure to read this previous post on better sleep habits.

If your children are struggling in school, The Tutoring Center has experienced tutors and unique programs to give our students the boost they need to succeed in school. For these and many other reasons, think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Roseville.

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