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Learning Outdoors

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to enjoy fun and educational activities with your children! Below are some great ideas from The Tutoring Center, Roseville to get you started.

Reading Picnic

If your youngster and their friends enjoy a certain book series, gather what’s needed for a great picnic and take the group to the park. Once you are all there, have them read the book together, stopping after each chapter to talk about what has happened and where they think the next chapter or the story is going to go. Break this up with a few instances of ball games or other physical activities to prevent them from becoming agitated.

Outdoor Board Games

If board games are more your child’s thing, don’t’ be afraid to take them outdoors. However, instead of purely fun games, take games like Monopoly which require everybody to exercise their math brain in order to win! Even Chutes and Ladders can be made educational by asking each player to calculate the difference between the squares they need to move to!

Summer Tutoring Can Help You Youngster

Not only are the above activities fun but they also give you an opportunity to identify any learning challenges your youngster is facing. If you notice that they are struggling with their reading or math, speak with The Tutoring Center, Roseville at 916-771-4100 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment and to find out how one-to-one tutoring can help your student improve their grades.


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