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The school year is well on its way and it’s probable your child has already had the first tests in many classes. This is why The Tutoring Center in Roseville wants to remind you of some strategies that work for studying and test taking purposes. We hope that you are able to use these strategies to help your child to continue on in excellence this school year!

Modify Your Study Strategy

Do the homework
There are no excuses not to do the homework. Even if your teacher does not make it ahabit to check the homework, it helps you practice the lessons. Plus, most of the times, what’s in the homework will be on the test. 

Create a study plan
Keep a schedule for your homework and for upcoming tests. Schedule in study times at least a week before the test is to take place. This way, you can avoid cramming and stressing out and you can focus on resting the night before the test.

Take good notes
Good note taking is essential to doing well in class. As a general rule of thumb, if your teacher writes it down, you should too. Remember that if you get left behind, you can ask for clarification or compare your notes to those of your classmates.

*Now that you have mastered the studying techniques, it’s time to create a strategy for your test. 

Create a Test-Taking Plan

Read the instructions thoroughly
Even though the teacher may have gone over the questions, you should reread them on your own, and of course ask for clarification for anything you do not get. 

Strategically answer questions
Answering the questions you are sure of first will give you more time to focus on those more ones later on. 

Make sure to review your test before turning it in. Many of the mistakes made on a test can be corrected if you just checked them. Recheck your answers and make sure that you’ve provided as much detail as possible.

If your child gets test anxiety (even though s/he has studied hard), and still needs some help in a particular subject, The Tutoring Center. We provide one-on-one tutoring sessions to make sure your child can reach his/her academic potential. To find out more about our programs and for tutoring in Roseville, give us a call at 916-771-4100!


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