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Quality sleep is very important to your child’s development in school and everyday life. There are many benefits of getting a good night’s rest, and you can find some of them here.

The Benefits of Proper Sleep for Your Child

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of a balanced diet, proper hydration, exercise, and sleep. Following said lifestyle is not only important to maintain your child’s health but to maintain their grades at school as well. Among the many elements of a balanced and healthy life, today we will focus on how sleep can affect your child’s development at school. So bring out the fairy tales to help your child sleep better!

Greater Attention Span

Lack of sleep, especially in children under the age of three, tends to result in a higher chance of hyperactivity by the age of six. Children who don’t sleep well at night tend to be more impulsive and easily distracted, even if they don’t have ADHD. Even 27 extra minutes of sleep help children control their impulses and manage their moods so they can easily focus on school.

Learning Boost

Sleep is essential to learning new information. When children (or adults) sleep, the brain continues working. In order to learn something, the brain must acquire the information, consolidate the information, and recall the information. Acquisition and recall happen when children are awake, but consolidation happens while they lay in bed resting. If they don’t sleep properly, they’re more likely to forget what they saw in class.

Better Mood

Grumpy children can also do badly in school. Sleep deprivation results in a negative mood, which then affects the ability to acquire information and remember it later on.

After a Good Nap, Take Your Child to Tutoring in Roseville

After a good night’s sleep and an energy replenishing nap, your child will be ready for tutoring in Roseville. Whether they struggle with a subject or if they just want to do better in school, tutoring is a great idea. Just call The Tutoring Center, Roseville CA at 916-771-4100 to learn about their various tutoring programs.


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