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Each day has 24 hours, that’s no secret, however our daily activities fill every blank space in our schedule and we just don’t seem to have time for anything else. That’s why it’s important to teach your children how to make a good use of this valuable resource, and at The Tutoring Center in Roseville, we would like to share a few useful ideas. 


Calendars and daily planners are a great way to structure your children’s day; remember that using colors and images can make this task more interesting. Ask your children how much time they need to fulfill every activity or study session, and focus on their priorities. Keep in mind that it’s almost impossible that your children stay focused for long periods of time, so also include time for short breaks. 


Your children must know where they are heading, so help them establishing realistic and measurable goals. Just remember that any goal will seem impossible to achieve overnight, so keep in mind that you should break long-term goals into smaller pieces. Don’t forget to write them down and reward your children’s efforts. 


Focusing on a task has become nearly impossible in a time when cell phones, TV and social networks divert your children’s attention. Make sure to create a study space in your home, as it will set the mental disposition to work. Also, be sure to read this previous post containing a few ideas to stop procrastination


Having a daily planner can be a great idea, however unexpected events, emergencies and interruptions can happen. Coping with these setbacks is also part of having good time management skills, as it helps your children restructure their day and set their priorities. 

These are just a few ideas that will instill this great ability in your children. If you need an extra hand, think about The Tutoring Center. We offer a free diagnostic assessment to identify the specific learning needs of our students. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Roseville. Please call 916-771-4100 to schedule a free consultation.


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