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Note Organization Strategies for a Successful New Year

Now that a new school year is upon us, it's time to get back into the mindset of studying and academia. For many students, transitioning back to class is not very difficult. Other students find themselves lost in all their new classes, folders of information and papers, new or different faces, and all of the unfamiliarity that comes with a new school year. For those students who tend to struggleThe Tutoring Center, Roseville is here to help! Please review these note taking tips specifically to help stay focused in the beginning of the year.

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

Even if you don't have your exact schedule yet, you will likely know how many classes you will be taking. Before school starts, get a three ringed notebook with at least five folders or tabs for every class. If possible, try color coordinating your notebooks and folders. Label the tabs/folders within the notebook: Notes, Homework, Quizzes, Tests, and Miscellaneous (it's not a bad idea to have extra folders/tabs for anything unexpected such as research or extra credit). As teachers begin handing out course material, you can automatically start organizing your notes for easier access later in the term.

Stay Calm

There will be A LOT of new information given to you during the first week or two of classes, stay calm. If you have planned like we suggested above, you'll know exactly where everything needs to go. Also, teachers are usually very good at mentioning what materials are more important than others; mark these important handouts with a star or any other way to remind you of their significance. If you are unclear about anything, just ask the teacher immediately; it's much easier to ask now and be clear than commit a stupid error later and end up paying with your grade.

Be Selective

Too many students try to write down everything during the first week or two in their own notebooks; this is usually unnecessary. Almost everything the teacher goes over in the first week, is given to you in a handout. Be ready with a highlighter to select the most important things and know where to file them, but there is no need to write something that the teacher prepared for you. A few things that would be good to write down are important due dates of projects or papers, dates of tests and exams, and a few classmates emails in case you miss a class.

Tutoring In Roseville

Stating school isn't easy; it's very common to fall behind early because of this. To avoid falling behind, or simply to help start ahead, contact our experts at 916-771-4100 for more information about private tutors and one-to-one instruction in Roseville.


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