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How Tutoring  Can Help Your Child Improve Their Memory

With the abundance of information that your child is learning at school, it's no surprise that they are having some trouble keeping up. Along with Tutoring In RosevilleThe Tutoring Center, Roseville has a few ideas to share to help your child remember their lessons and notes.

Recollection and Reward

If your child is having some trouble recalling their maths notes, and they also want to see the new movie that just came out, then you have a great learning opportunity. If your child needs you to drive them to the cinema, it's no problem...once they are able to recite that algorithm you know they struggle with. What about an extra helping of dessert? Why not?! Just after you're able to tell me those important dates.

Lessons Around the Home

With learning so much during their schooling, it can be easy for them to forget small and important details across their lessons. Just as soon as they get home with their lecture notes, write down the most important ones and place them around the house. Drying their hair whilst recalling a certain moment in time may seem trivial, but these small instances of incidental recollection can all add up.

Learn Along With Them

If you have a bit of spare time, read their latest lecture notes and learn alongside with them. Ask them to clarify certain events with you, and then ask follow up questions as if you yourself were preparing for an exam. If possible, find some practice questions from previous exams and sprinkle them in.

Tutoring in Roseville

With so much competition during your child's education path it's no surprise that more and more parents are looking for ways to help their children improve their grades. If you're serious about helping your child excel, speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Roseville on 916 771 4100 to book your free consultation. Bring your child in and let us answer any questions you both may have about how we can not only help them with recalling important information, but improve their overall grades and exam results.


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