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Winter break is fast approaching, and while you should spend this time with your family and get some well-deserved rest, you should also make sure that your child engages in some beneficial activities and that’s why The Tutoring Center in Roseville has prepared this post for you! By following these tips, you can be certain that your child won’t be spending all of his/her time watching TV, browsing the Internet, and eating candy.

Winter Break Activities


Reading is one of the best activities your child can do to keep his/her brain working and learning, as it helps with grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. If you want your child to benefit, encourage them to read books they’ll enjoy during vacation.


At the same time, writing regularly and keeping a journal can also be a great way to continue learning and practicing over the holidays. By doing so, your child will improve their grammar and will put their creative thinking to work.

Going on Field Trips

A day at the zoo, a museum or at the library can be very beneficial for your child. These are places where people go to learn and discover new things, so be sure to go on a few field trips during the break. Moreover, they can provide an enjoyable bonding experience for your family.


If you want to make sure that your child won’t forget every lesson by the time school starts back up again, encourage him/her to go through their notes and study during the break. You could do this a couple of weeks before school to refresh their memory.

Playing Games

Keeping your child’s mind sharp during winter break doesn’t have to be all about studying and reading! Some games such as sudoku, jigsaw puzzles and crosswords can help your child’s brain stay active and keep it developing properly.

Staying Active

It may be cold outside, but your child still needs to do some kind of physical activity in order to stay healthy and strong. Dancing to a fun tune, stretching and even running around the house can provide the exercise your child’s body and mind need.

For Tutoring in Roseville…

Hiring a tutor is also a great way to ensure your child will keep learning over the holiday break. Here at The Tutoring Center, we provide one-on-one sessions catered to your child’s learning style to ensure they reach their academic goals. Call 916-771-4100 for more information.


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