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The importance of writing is often underestimated, yet this skill is crucial for the future of your children. This doesn’t mean your children have to be great authors or poets, but having a strong writing ability has many benefits in the short and long term. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Severna Park, we would like to share a few ideas that can get your children writing during this winter break.

Support Them

It’s no secret that your children look for your approval for everything they do. For now, you can forget about grammar and spelling errors, what really matters is what your children are trying to communicate. If your children are older, a journal is the perfect way to engage them with writing, and don’t forget to praise their efforts.    

Create the Environment

A writer doesn’t need much to work, just a pen and paper, however you can make it fun for your children. Help them create a comfortable space where they can sit quietly and write, and provide a box for their crayons, markers and everything they need, so they don’t lose time searching for materials. 


It may sound obvious but to write well, your children need to read. It’s the perfect way to expand their vocabulary and discover new genres. Try to schedule a reading hour when everyone in the family gets to enjoy their favorite book or read aloud to them before bed. 

Time management is another important skill you should instill in your children from a young age, so they can make good use of their most valuable resource. Be sure to read this post for further information about this topic.

If your children are struggling in this or any other academic area, The Tutoring Center are here to help. Our highly qualified tutors follow our exclusive programs designed to strengthen the academic skills and abilities of our students. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Severna Park.

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