The Tutoring Center, Roseville CA 

My daughter has been struggling with math, and since starting her at The Tutoring Center in Roseville she has finally started to enjoy math! My son signed up for the enrichment courses and is really doing well. Ms. Saini is wonderful, as is her entire staff, and I recommend this center to everyone!
Ana Edwards. August, 2016
My daughter was struggling terribly last year in school with her reading. Her confidence was extremely low, and homework was a nightly torture session complete with tears. We tried first working with our school by putting her in a reading intervention group, but she only slipped further behind. Finally I knew we had to do something and started researching local options, everything from tutoring centers to private tutors. What sold me on the Roseville Tutoring Center over the others was the structured 1:1 approach, vs. the other tutoring centers who only offered a group setting. Also, since her existing school homework was such a struggle, I did not want to add to her stress by giving her yet more homework from a tutoring center, and I really liked the fact that the Roseville Tutoring Center shared my philosophy. She has been in the program now for almost a year and has improved so much it is truly astonishing. She is now reading at grade level, and we plan to keep her going until she is well ahead of where she needs to be. The biggest difference has been in her self-confidence -- in the beginning she complained about going because I know reading was such a challenge for her. In school she refused to participate because she was embarrassed that she couldn't read as well as the others in her class. But now she loves school! She enjoys going to tutoring and has so much confidence in her reading abilities and it continues to grow every day. The only regret I have is that we didn't enroll her sooner.
Chris W. September, 2014 
My daughter has been attending the Tutoring Center for the last year. I was frustrated because she was struggling with her reading (which affected all her grades), wasn't confident in school and would procrastinate on her homework. After the first 20 sessions there was a positive change in her attitude about school but, more importantly, her test scores had improved dramatically. Today, she isn't afraid to speak up in class, she starts her homework as soon as she gets home, she's confident with her reading and her grades have improved dramatically. The day she brought home her first good grade on a test she said to me, "See, Mom, the Tutoring Center is REALLY working!" The only down side is that she hates missing tutoring so it's a little difficult to go on vacation! Thanks a million Mrs. Pam and the Tutoring Center Crew!!
Christa Ognissanti, November, 2012
Hello Pam, I just wanted to let you know how Rajan is doing.  He is getting mostly A’s on his Pre-Calculus tests! Considering he came to you with F’s in Algebra and Geometry 2 years ago! After being with your program for almost one year, he has just received a B in his Pre-Calculus class!  I am so proud of him!  On his last test, he got a 59/60!  He has applied for Civil Engineering at different colleges. He received two B’s and two A’s last semester on his report card. I just wanted to fill you in and thank you again for everything you and your staff did for Rajan!!! Love, Jass
Jass, Dec. 3, 2012
Pam,I am sooooooo excited!  My son "G" re-took his Area/Volume test and got an 86%.....WOW!  His overall grade went from a 45% to a 61% in only 2 weeks of being with  The Tutoring Center, Roseville!!   He has 3 or 4 more tests to retake before school gets out in 3 weeks, and at this rate his grade will be passing at the end of the semester!! Thank you so much! 
My 2 daughters have been really excited about going to The Tutoring Center, Roseville. They couldn't wait to come back the next day after the first day of being there. I have great hopes that this will boost my 5th grader's confidence and help her get to where she needs to be in school. I thank you so much for checking up on them after their first day! Thanks again, M.Z.
M. Z.
The Tutoring Center, Roseville, is a place where students can achieve academically, mature in their study habits, and become more confident in themselves. Having worked at The Tutoring Center, Roseville, for the past year, I have personally witnessed these outcomes in students of all ages and abilities. It is not only the unique Rotational Approach to Learning that helps students succeed academically, but also the nurturing environment created by Center Director, Pam Martinez, and her staff which causes students to become more confident in their own abilities. While it is wonderful to see that special moment when a student fully grasps a concept, what is even more incredible to witness is the change in attitude that the student has! Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a student walk in and out of the center with a positive outlook toward learning and the inner knowledge that they CAN and WILL succeed!
My name is Lea and I have been an instructor at The Tutoring Center in Roseville for the past year. I absolutely love working at The Tutoring Center, both because of the fun, positive environment and the phenomenal changes that I see in the students!  We have a trademarked method of tutoring called: "The Rotational Approach to Learning," which keeps the time moving quickly for the students while addressing different skill gaps. The improvement I have seen in our students’ academic skills has been truly amazing, and it is what makes me that much more excited to come to work! The students also love coming to The Tutoring Center, Roseville for several reasons: they are provided with a safe, comforting environment in which to learn; we utilize a positive reinforcement system (including raffles and a toy store); and ,they may just want to spend time developing a personal relationship with the coolest instructors ever... In fact, I can not say enough positive things about the entire staff at The Tutoring Center! Everyone is so enthusiastic, fun to work with, positive, and caring. We follow our guiding principles: IQUEST (Integrity, Quality, Enthusiasm, Service, and Teamwork) as we strive to be the best instructors we can be, using different strategies, tools, and visual aids to make sure that the students fully understand the concepts. We also teach them important study skills to use when they are at home and in the classroom. I would recommend The Tutoring Center, Roseville for any student, whether they are struggling in a few subjects or just seeking enrichment in one or more particular subjects. There is always room to grow! They will grow both academically and in their level of self esteem from their experiences at The Tutoring Center, Roseville!
"What a turnaround! My daughter was slipping behind in school and the school didn't have any resources to assist us with improving her skills. A friend recommended The Tutoring Center, Roseville and we are so thankful! We are so pleased with the progress she has made. My daughter enjoys going to the center, loves her teachers and the director, and looks forward to spending her incentive money. It didn't take long to see the improvements with phonics, attention span, and focus. Highly recommend to anyone who needs help with their child's progress in school and who has been let down by the school's lack of resources to assist our children. "
Renrose - Jan 12, 2012
"As a public educator, I am extremely impressed with The Tutoring Center, Roseville . Pam, and her staff, have worked closely with me so they are aware of what I am teaching my students. This enables them to aid and assist my students who are attending the Center. Not only have I noticed an improvement in these students' test scores, but I have noticed an increase in their self confidence! Students who had felt very little success before, and who had basically given up in math, are now excited and participating in class. I can see the light bulbs going on. I believe one of the additional benefits of The Tutoring Center, Roseville is that the program does not just focus on current math or reading skills, but they also focus  on filling the skill gaps that these students have, and those are usually the root of their problems. Working closely with the classroom teacher, as The Tutoring Center, Roseville does, definitely leads to more successful and happy students. Thanks, Tutoring Center staff and Director, Pam! "
"My grandson is in the second grade and was having problems with reading and math. After a few months, his attitude is much better towards school and he has been doing better on his spelling tests. I see a lot of progress, and I know he will continue to soar. Thanks Pam!"
"Hello, I want to say how great this place is. It sure turned my life and my son's life around. He was failing in Geometry. His teacher said that he if can pass the second quarter, that he will pass him for the entire class. My son was so frustrated with school that he was giving up. I looked everywhere for a place that would help him with his needs. He didn't need all the other stuff. I then found Pam atThe Tutoring Center, Roseville . They were not even fully open yet. I told Pam my story. She was willing to help him, and she did. He is more self-confident than I have ever seen him. He went from failing, to getting As and Bs on his test. Today, I see a whole new, confident person. All thanks to everybody at The Tutoring Center, Roseville . He is sixteen, and he likes going there. What more can I say ...Thank You Pam and your entire staff!"
"My grandaughter was having trouble in reading and math. After hearing great results from friends we decided to try The Tutoring Center, Roseville. She loves going and would go everyday if she could. She is now getting A's and B's. Her concentration and confidence has greatly improved. Thanks so much Pam and staff for all your help."
"My son has improved his focus and desire to learn. The team creates fun incentives to keep their interest and motivation level high for kids. My son is 7 and has ADHD. The program has worked very well for him. He loved going...and coming back! "
Paula Eileen
"Incredible improvement! My kids, one is in Jr. high, and one is in High School, had both struggled off and on in math for several years. We tried all other tutoring methods: teachers after school, before school, groups, one-on-one, high school students, college students, retired teachers, all paid tutoring. None of these approaches came close to the results at The Tutoring Center, Roseville . Pam, and her staff at The Tutoring Center, Roseville do a superb job of engaging the students in the program. My kids gained confidence along with improving their math skills and they actually enjoyed the program, I was amazed. They filled lingering gaps in their math knowledge, a key strength of the center's program, and they stayed on top of their existing classes, Algebra and Geometry. Test scores and grades showed dramatic improvement! I thank the Director, Pam and her wonderful staff at The Tutoring Center for their outstanding commitment and flexibility, and I highly recommend The Tutoring Center Roseville. "
J and L's Mom
"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER, Roseville for the improvement that we see in our two children. I am still surprised whenever I hear my son read and spell. He is one of the best readers in his class and my other son is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent!"
"The Tutoring Center, Roseville, has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subjects. "
"I love The Tutoring Center, Roseville, because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved tremendously in math, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any parent for any aged child..."
Quality: Excellent!  My son has been attending The Tutoring Center since last May, 2012. It's Jan., 2013. His reading comprehension has gone from a 2nd grade level to a fifth grade level since then! He has shown tremendous growth on all levels. His self esteem and confidence in himself has also grown. He believes in himself and that he can do anything. This has been a great investment. Give them a try you won't regret it.
Dora Briscoe-Smith reviewed in the last week
"Thank you for your work with "J",  it is making a noticeable difference. For the first time since I have known him, I saw him smile after getting his last test back!"
From a Middle School Teacher in Roseville, CA
I wanted to let you know that Aydan did ALL of his homework today without a fight and it was nice and neat.  My husband and I are shocked that he did it at all, and without a fight!  We can not wait to see what happens with him in a few weeks.  Pst----  Aydan actually said "thank you, mom, for signing me up."  (CRAZY!!!) Thank you for all that you do, and for making tonight’s quest with homework  a breeze!  
From L.D. (mother of a First Grader) 
I found the Tutoring Center in Roseville through a friend of mine who highly recommended it. I had researched several other tutoring centers, and after meeting with Pam Martinez, the Director, I immediately knew that this place was going to be the best fit for my daughter! From the start, we felt so welcomed and felt as if we were part of a team in meeting my daughter's goals. The staff is very professional, warm, and incredibly supportive. Our first goal was for my daughter to advance a grade level in math within 40 sessions, and she has done just that!! Amazing! She loves going to this center and jumps in the car afterward excited about the rewards she earned that day. She's feeling more and more confident with her math skills and in school overall. Homework used to be such a struggle, but now is doable and without tears. We couldn't be happier here and look forward to seeing more amazing results. I would highly recommend this center to anyone who is struggling academically and is looking for a warm, supportive, results oriented center that truly cares about your child. I feel so fortunate to have found this place!
Rene Hollamby 
My 4th grade daughter started with The Tutoring Center the end of August 2012. She had been struggling with her reading skills. I did a lot of searching to find the right place to take her. When I found the Tutoring Center I was thrilled. I loved that she would be getting one on one instruction and I loved the rotational system. I called and talked to Pam, the director, and loved everything I was hearing. I was even more impressed when I met her in person. My daughter has always enjoyed going to the Tutoring Center. She loves all of her instructors, they always make her feel welcome and they are very supportive. All of the staff members are very warm and friendly. My daughter also loves the incentive programs they have. She is a lot more confident now with her reading, in fact now she loves to read. Before it was a struggle to get her to read. Once she hit her first 40 sessions she was re-evaluated and her reading comprehension went from a 4th grade level to a 5th grade level 2nd month. Her decoding skills went from a 2nd grade 8th month level to a 3rd grade 5th month level. I can really see and hear the difference it has made in her. I can't wait to see the results after her next 40 sessions. The price is very reasonable as well. They don't hide the cost on their website, so you know what you are going to pay before you even contact them. No one else will list their prices. I would highly recommend The Tutoring Center. You will not be disappointed!
Tina McCoy reviewed in the last week. 
Quality: Excellent! The Tutoring Center in Roseville, CA was a great choice for my 1st grader.  He started attending the center about a half year ago and has made a great progress in his learning and grades.  I am very satisfied with the  center’s staff and their friendliness. The center director, Pam, is also very flexible to change the days for tutoring and  schedule make up classes for missed days.  The rates are very affordable and I found more affordable than other tutoring centers around this area. The teachers work directly with my child’s teacher from school and focus on the areas that he needs the improvement.  The school provided extra copies of quarterly report cards so my son can share with tutoring center.  My son enjoys attending extra learning classes and he is even motivated to go there since the teachers make it a fun  learning experience for the children.   I am keeping my son for a year in this center and I will definitely consider using them again in the future if my children need it.  I would highly recommend this tutoring center! 
Sanita Reinholde reviewed 3/19/20. 
During my son's 8th grade year, I was desperate to find ways to motivate and support him in school. He was struggling in math and was not keeping up with his homework. Because he was passing, the teachers did not seem concerned. I came across the Tutoring Center in Roseville and had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Pam, the director, and Ms. Dawn, the center's coordinator. They listened to my concerns and suggested I take my son in for an evaluation. The evaluation validated my concerns and revealed what areas were contributing to his struggles. My son has been at the center for a total of 8 months now. He worked hard and received an A in Algebra. I cannot thank Ms. Pam, Ms. Dawn, and all the tutors who have worked with my son. He is more confident, continues to excel in math, and is doing well in all of his other subjects!
Angie VVin the last week
I've been to other tutoring centers during the summer and also inquired with this tutoring center a year ago.  When I finally decided to enroll my child in Math tutoring I decided to go for this one.  The rotational approach takes the boredom out of just sitting there and studying. It resets the student's attention span and makes them pay attention again.  I like the one-on-one instruction that's why my daughter had a private tutor come over the house before.  But it seems like this tutoring center's approach is better with the way my child learns.  She tested advanced in her Star testing last year and I hope that by enrolling her in this tutoring center she would progress some more and better equip her in the future to achieve her goals.  Why do I prefer this place over the others?  Personally, I like the fact that this center has a heart and not just about the money.  They truly care about the kids.  I've seen the owner/manager Pam Martinez talk to the other kids with true concern and Mrs. Rose is so nice and accommodating.  I do wish they had a bigger reception area like the one at Sing Inc.  with restrooms, fridge, TV's but I understand that space is an issue and so is the noise (distracting for the students) if there are kids/parents/babies waiting at the lounge area. Although there are times that I have to drop off my middle schooler at an earlier time so that she won't be late because I have to go somewhere and I hope the center allows that at times. Other than that I think we are staying with this center for the long haul till my daughter is done with high school! Tina F.
Hi Sam! As promised, here is the contact information for the Tutoring Center.  They are located on Pleasant Grove in the Walmart shopping center.  We love them!  Both of my kids, my son "M" and especially my daughter, "M"., have had much success there.  Daughter "M" has seen huge improvements in her reading and comprehension. When you are ready, please call and ask for Pam Martinez.  She is the Director, and she is really great with the kids.  Not to mention, she is a Special Education teacher, so she has a wealth of knowledge about kids and the school process. Let me know if you have any questions. M&M's mom!
Letter from a parent who is reffering us to another parent via email
Roseville Tutoring Center combines research proven methods with people who truly care about children's academic success. You get consistent positive results! Our child was struggling, and with testing was found to be a year behind in her current grade level. Summer and school year programs hadn't worked and we tried private home tutors. We were recommended to Roseville Tutoring Center by another parent who had similar issues with their child. It's been nearly 6 months and now our child has tested to be at grade level! She is enjoying going to school, and homework has changed from a painful struggle to a challenge that she consistently meets and is excelling at. Pam Martinez really cares about kids and it shows in her staff as well. Pam can show you tested results and improvements with other children too. If your child is struggling you owe it to yourself to look into the Roseville Tutoring Center!
Daniel Pin the last week
The Tutoring Center offers a friendly, comfortable environment for children to grow academically in a non-judgmental environment.  The staff is phenomenal and Pam, the owner, goes above and beyond providing techniques and a learning style geared towards the child's academic success.  I highly recommend The Tutoring Center and I can say the results are wonderful.  Our child was behind in reading and comprehension and was feeling embarrassed by her academic standing compared to her classmates.  While she has been attending The Tutoring Center her test scores for fluency, comprehension and math have significantly increased as a result of the individualized tutoring she receives.  I can't recommend them enough!
Renee P. Roseville, CA  10/14/2013 
I took my 8 year old son to The Tutoring Center to be evaluated. It looks very neat and nice inside, but to summarize my opinion of this place I'll use my sons words: "dad, can we come here every day"...from a child that is not really into school or math.
Tom F. on 12/14/13. 
Pam, I thought you might want to hear an update on F..........  She will be finishing her first year of culinary school in San Diego in June. She LOVES it and has been on the Dean's list! The change in her since she graduated from high school has been night and day. She has found her passion and her smile. THANK YOU to you and your team for helping her get through the rough times! Tina
Tina on 4/27/14:
Thank you for winning both boys over! I should bring you a trophy. My husband was so blown away. I told him you were magic. Sam came home from first session stoked and ready to fly. Thanks. See you Monday at 630 to Edit Text!

Toby R on 7/18/14
I love the tutoring center! If it were not for them i would be failing school right now! What Mrs.Pam and Mrs.Rose helped me realize is that if you pay attetion in school you can get amazing grades! Also I used to abosluty hate my math teacher but now they helped me realize that I cant just keep hating my teacher because if I do then that will just keep effecting my grades and that is not good! I decided to write him a note on teacher appreciation week when I realized how rude I was being to him and how that was effecting my grades (With the help of my mom). What was really cool is that my teachers, my parents, Mrs.pam and Mrs.rose all worked together to find new ways to help me do better in school! I love everyone of the instucters they are all nice and also they can all help me! Another thing that is cool about them is that there are three stations, station one is 30 minutes and you work out of your math textbook. Station two is math minutes it works your basic facts and your speed. Station three is the easiest station you get to work at your own pace and they review all of the things that you don't like. That way you get to move around and not be thinking when will this ever be over.They are amazing and I couldnt be doing as good as I am in school right now if it wasnt for them.
lils Gar on (6th grader) in the last week
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