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As students, we've all been known to have cramming sessions before an exam. We're then surprised that we couldn't remember anything during the test. That's because cramming is bad.

Cramming Vs. Sleep

Studying for an exam is stressful and tiring. You need to gather all your notes, create a study plan, and cover all the material you saw in class. Not all students take their time to prepare and study. No, most students prefer to cram the night before the test and hope for the best. Well, cramming won’t help you pass your exam. In fact, it might only affect you. Here are some of the reasons why interrupting a good night’s rest to cram is not the best idea.

The Material Becomes Familiar

After many hours of studying the material, you think you have it committed to memory. All facts, dates, and formulas start feeling familiar, almost as if you knew them. You get to your exam, you read a question, and you recognize it, it seems familiar, but even if you try with all your might, you can’t seem to recall the context. Recognizing something is not the same as recalling it.

You’re Aiming to Pass and Not to Learn

When you cram the night before a test, you’re aiming to get enough knowledge just to pass the exam. You’re not seeking to gain long-lasting learning. Next time you have an exam, you’re going to have to “learn” the same material all over again.

You Create Bad Habits

Cramming and procrastinating are bad habits. Bad habits die hard. It’s possible that cramming repetitive information can work, but when it comes to complex information that requires thought and analysis, cramming won’t do. You can’t succeed by putting in only the minimal effort.

Instead of Cramming, Sign up for Tutoring in Roseville

Instead of spending a long and stressful night “preparing” for your test, sign up for tutoring in Roseville. One of the many benefits of tutoring is that you’ll actually learn the material and you might even learn to manage your time. Call The Tutoring Center, Roseville CA at 916-771-4100 to learn about their tutoring programs and how they can help you get a high score on your exam.


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